Retail Technology Conclave

Theme: Intelligent Retail: What is Smart?

Today, retail is as much about creating delightful experiences for consumers as it is about selling great products or services. Consumer centric retailers have realised this and are taking advantage of the leaps in digital technology to ensure that shopping with them, irrespective of whether it is at a store, on an app or a website, is pleasurable. Advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Drones, Advanced Analytics coupled with The Internet of Things are helping make retail business smarter than one can possibly imagine. Together, they are helping create magic at different touchpoints, gather insights rather than data, connect with consumers to create something that is not just meaningful for them but also for the business. Retail Technology Conclave (ReTechCon) 2018 will focus on helping retailers understand all that is smart and cutting edge in retail to become smart. Consumers are getting smarter by the day. It’s time retailers catch up too.


ReTechCon 2017 was indeed a good experience. I look forward to events where I can add value.

Sebin Thomas

Head Supply Chain Management, HyperCITY Retail (India) Ltd

It was a pleasure to have attended the Retail Technology Conclave.
As usual, it was extremely good exposure and the industry interactions very fruitful.

Abhilasha Joshi

Business Head, Juice Salons

Since the beginning, ReTechCon has contributed immensely to my personal growth as a Retail Technology professional and I always nurture the experience every year. ReTechCon 2017 was no different and I shall continue to be part of this in the years to come.

Ajay Aggarwal

Retail Entrepreneur & Evangelist

This Year’s RetechCon was different in that there were many participants the majority of whom I did not know. That is good. There were more individual entrepreneurs there who were hungry to know. Refreshing indeed.

K Radhakrishnan

Co-Founder, Grocermax

I have been a member of RAI for three years now and have attended most of RAI events, which are always highly engaging, knowledge-enriching and extremely useful for my professional work. That I get to interact with top guys in retail as well as so many people in the ecosystem is a carrot for me to attend such events. I look forward to attending the next event eagerly.

S. Shriram

MD, Smiling Baby

Some of the shortlisted startups for ReTech Startup Awards 2017 were really good. I will be meeting the three winners and will also be encouraging some of the others with pilots.

Devendra Chawla

Group President – Food FMCG, Brands, Future Group

We are glad to have participated in the ReTech Startups 2017 and it’s been even more our honor to have been awarded. We are looking forward to continued association with RAI and participate in its future events.

Rahoul Anders

CEO, Geomarketeer

ReTechCon has been great. This year, we received a lot of interest from various potential clients. In addition, it was also a great opportunity to meet our existing clients too.

Sagar Javkhedkar

Director, AriaTech

We found that Retail Technology Conclave was very well attended by the Senior IT executives of the Retail Industry. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting and networking with them.

Tanmay Dubey

Country Category Manager, Virtualization and Retail Solutions, Hewlett-Packard India Sales Pvt. Ltd.

ReTechCon is a conference that brings technology companies and retailers together for brainstorming. My team and I learned so much about our customers and their technology challenges in two days that otherwise would have taken us a year or more.

Anil Patel

COO, HotWax Systems

ReTechCon 2017 was a great forum with vibrant participation across all levels of organisation – we enjoyed being a part of it. The entire team at LitmusWorld appreciates RAI’s involvement, passion for retail and support offered to young organisations like us.
We look forward to partnering in future events.

Ramesh Natarajan

Founder & COO, LitmusWorld


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