Event Theme


In the digital World.

Today’s retail is all about the convergence of new technologies to deliver shoppers a seamless, personalized and memorable experience. It is built on the three important and interdependent pillars of Innovation, Collaboration and Transformation.

Innovation: Innovation in product, range and service needs to be backed by investment in innovative technologies such as machine learning, virtual reality, omni-channel analytics, robotics, block chain and mobile commerce.

Collaboration: Offering and maintaining these technologies requires collaborating with the right technology partners who can help retailers enhance capabilities without diluting focus.

Transformation: This integration of technology into the business is bound to bring about an all-pervasive transformation in the company in terms of culture, business model, operating style and organisation structure.

For retailers, staying relevant today is all about: Innovation in Technology, Collaboration for Technology and Transformation through Technology.

Realising this emerging need, Retail Technology Conclave 2017 will focus on Innovation, Collaboration and Transformation in the Digital World.

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