On Demand Retailing: Instant. Disruptive. Smarter.

Every retailer is at a different point in the journey to realizing the vision of being truly seamless. In today's sophisticated multichannel retail environment the question is no longer if new technology is necessary to create and maintain consumer relationships but how far technology can propel brands and retailers to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Today's customers expect to be able to connect with the retailer digitally because they live digitally connected, With the increased use of the Internet and digital media by consumers, online shopping or ecommerce has gradually become a viable substitute for brick-and-mortar experiences.

We are in a digital age where Technology enables retailers to deliver a much more personalised experience to its consumers and also helps them improve their own retail space and environment. CIO's and IT heads are now looking to define an IT strategy and investment road map to meet the business strategic priorities and business capabilities to be enabled by technology.

This Year the theme of the 10th Edition of Retail Technology Conclave (ReTechCon 2014) is On Demand Retailing: Instant.Disruptive.Smarter.

Instant            :   Technologies that will deliver speed
Disruptive      :   Technology that will change consumer experience
Smarter          :   Technology that will increase efficiency of operations within the organisation & through collaboration